Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Why feather banners or flags are the future of outdoor and indoor advertising

There are several benefits of using feather banners for outdoor advertising or other promotional campaigns.   Below I will list a few key things that make custom or stock banner flags better for outdoor advertising.
1.  Limited area usage.
Feather flags come in a variety of different sizes.  What makes them better than custom vinyl prints is that they take up very little horizontal space.  With the largest of our flags spanning only 2.5ft wide, you can make these swooper flags work in small spaces.  A lot of high population areas, such as New York City or Los Angeles, have very limited space to work with.  Our feather flags allow you to advertise in small 3 square foot area.  Additionally, since the flags come in large sizes, your customers can easily view them.
2.  Easy assembly of pole kits.
Our 3 piece, 4 piece, and 5 piece poles kits require no tools to assembly.  Simply telescope them together and slide the banner flag onto the large pole kit.  Compare this to vinyl banners, which typically require drilling holes, nailing hammers, or other troublesome and inconvenient mounting shenanigans.  Custom vinyl prints are the past for outdoor advertising.  For the most cost effective and hassle free outdoor promotions, buy Feather Flag Nation‘s feather flags.
3.  Feather Flag kits are lightweight and portable.
Water-base roll-out frames are too heavy,  A-frames fall over with high winds, once mounted — vinyl banners are very difficult to take down.  Air inflated dancers can get too loud.  Out Feather Flag kits can be assembled within a couple of minutes and can be taken down even quicker.  Additionally, you require no tools to use our ground spike or cross-base mounting hardware.  Since the pole kits are light weight — almost anyone can transport and install our custom or stock banner flag kits.
The list of benefits of using fabric prints for outdoor advertising is long.  Move away from the old technology and get into the future of outdoor advertising.  Feather Flags are the future for all businesses– they are the top choice for trade shows, car shows, festivals, concerts, other outdoor or indoor events.
A variety of feather banner designs are available from Asset Print, along with a vast array of printed advertising options - to suits your business’ needs.

Article source: https://featherflagnation.com/blog/stock-custom-feather-flags-banner-flags-work/