Friday, 26 October 2018

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Rack Cards Instead Of Brochures To Market Your Business

Your business grows. It evolves. You change staff members, you add services, and you develop special programming.
Nothing’s static when you run a business, so locking your business’s efforts into a single moment in time doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s for this very reason that the tri-fold brochures of old have fallen out of favor with some, replaced by more flexible and affordable rack cards from Asset Print.

A rack card is a high-impact, visually driven handout that focuses on a specific aspect of your business – a service, program or member of your team, for instance. Three or more of these rack cards, and you have yourself a system.
So what’s the draw? What makes rack card systems better than brochures, fliers and other printed marketing tools? Let’s explore some of the benefits:

Rack cards are specific

Rather than mention a service or product option as part of a bullet-point list in a brochure, rack cards allow you to truly spotlight what’s important to clients and referral sources and what sets you apart from other service providers in your market. A rack card provides plenty of space for you to delve into a specific service or program, directly appealing to the needs and goals of potential clients and referral sources.

They are flexible

As your business grows, your rack card system will grow with you. And when changes occur in your business, a rack card system allows you to quickly adjust. If a program evolves or is eliminated, for instance, remove or replace the card, and the system remains intact.

They tell a story

Rack cards give you the option to craft very specific messages about your business, depending on the needs of a particular audience or person. Most effectively tell your story by giving clients and referral sources only the rack cards that are most meaningful to them.

They educate

What does your business do? Does it offer unique services or products? Can it help clients in a way no other business can? Educating the public about the value of your business services should be a continuing goal you. Rack cards can prove an invaluable tool for driving these efforts.

They’re low-impact

Rack card systems can be scaled based on need as well as budget, making them a low-impact, affordable addition to your marketing strategy. Unlike trifolds or pricey mail marketing pieces, rack cards can be presented as a set or individually. If you discontinue a service or a staff member leaves, you’re not stuck paying for a redesign of an entire marketing piece.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Advantages of Teardrop Banners

Today, there are already numerous of virtual options or ways on how you can promote and advertise your business and because of this, some of the traditional methods are no longer very effective today while the other methods which are interesting and innovative are consistently showing great results and feedbacks. One of the best advertising methods that you could use to help the people be aware of your business is through teardrop banners. There are plenty of benefits that you could be getting from this kind of method. With the use of teardrop banners, you can assure yourself that your brand is been shown to the public for a longer period of time. While traditional sign types are more unnoticed by the people who pass by it but teardrop banners stick out on where they are placed and the public will be able to easily and immediately notice it. They are mostly the first advertising sign that people will notice by the time they walk and stroll down the streets and sidewalks. They have this unique and attractive look that drive and draw the people who are passing by to see and notice it naturally. But it is your responsibility to find and hire company that is proven to deliver and give excellent and outstanding outputs so that you will be able to have an effective advertisement.

There are a lot of options that you could choose from in your business’ advertising and marketing plans but it is quite very tricky and critical to choose the company that could help you in your business ventures. Teardrop banners are the best option which you can choose because it will surely give you feedbacks that are great. You always have the option to customize the designs of your teardrop banners that is surely fit to the mission, vision, and goals of your business so that it will not go beyond the track of your business mindset. Asset Print can help you decide on what design, shape, and color that you could be using for your teardrop banners because they have designers that are very excellent in creativity and imagination. They will be able to help and guide you in your advertising and marketing strategies in terms of making use of the effects of installing teardrop banners for your business because there have been a lot of companies that are getting them in their advertising plans. It has been proven over the years that teardrop banners will provide you with results and outputs that would make your business stand out in the market.
Teardrop banners are known to provide extreme and effective methods that could surely help your business upraise awareness to your current and potential customers and as well as, getting the attention of your target audience. As what we all know, a business will not going to be successful if there are only less or no customers trying the products and services that they are offering that is why you need to make use of the effective methods that could bring the market to your company.

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Friday, 18 May 2018


Before looking at Banner Wall Uses, let’s start off with what a Banner Wall is – they are big, colourful and can certainly get your brand noticed no matter where you are putting it up. They are made out of high quality, portable backdrops that consist of an aluminium expandable frame and a polyester canvas.
Now moving on, let’s take a deeper look into how to effectively use banner walls.

  • Opening Ceremonies
If you are looking to make a very good first impression and set the tone at your official opening, a Banner Wall is a great way to grab people’s attention, lure them in and give through information about your new business.
  • Any sporting event
Banner Walls can be put to great use at any indoor or outdoor sports events if you are looking to create brand awareness and find new like-minded customers. It is a great opportunity especially if you are sponsoring the event in any kind of way.
  • Markets
Fleet markets area  huge attraction to most people in and around the area where it is taking place and if you are looking to get more customers to your stall, then a Banner Wall is going to give you a lot of benefits to reap from. It will attract the attention of everyone at the market which will intrigue them to come see what you are selling.

  • Product Launches
People love being in the loop with new products, new technology and of course investing in them as well – if you are looking to give information in a simple, yet very effective way then you can’t go wrong with a Banner Wall – you can use it to inform people about features, what the product looks like and extra additional information.
  • The mall
Thousands upon thousands of people go to the mall during weekdays, weekends and holidays – it is the one place where people can find almost everything and anything they want. If you have a special on and want to make it public and intriguing, there is no better way to do it than to get creative with a Banner Wall. By-passers will spot it almost immediately and are bound to convert into customers pretty soon.
  • Photoshoots
Are you looking for a white or coloured background for your upcoming photoshoot? No need to look any further! Banner Walls serve as a great tool to use as a background and you can get them in any colour you need.

As you can see, there are many uses for banner walls that can not only benefit your company, but create brand awareness to new people and essentially grow your customers. All in all, this is not where Banner Wall Uses come to an end.
Asset Print offers some of the best banner walls Cape Town has to offer with quality and prices. Contact Asset Print today to get yours started and we can guarantee to exceed your expectations of our banner walls.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Top 6 Business Card Trends In 2018

Top 6 Business Card Trends In 2018

Business cards have contact details of a company. But today that is not the sole purpose of them. Matter of the fact is that marketers have turned the cards into an effective tool to convey the brand message of a company. However, a business card design becomes part of a brand building exercise only when the card is unique and memorable.

Make sure that your clients keep your business card with them. If your design is unique and attractive, they are most likely to remember it. They will keep the card in their drawers at home or office. Remember that 80% of business cards handed out to the people are thrown away within a week. That shows the importance of creating a business card design that looks professional, appealing and aesthetic.
The main purpose of business cards is to deliver contact details of a company. Another purpose is to impress the clients. In fact, making an impression on the recipients is the most important reason behind creating varieties of business cards designs. So, while receiving the contact details, the client must get a good feeling about the company. This brings us to the importance of business card design.
Business owners have to compete hard in their niche markets. They want to explore all the opportunities to draw consumers’ attention toward their companies products or services. For them, a business card is the way to share their vision of the company.
The trick is to create the card design that surpasses the customers expectations. The cards must quickly draw their attention toward your business, and what it stands for in terms of values.
A business card has the company logo and colors. These two elements express a brand message to the audience. Graphic designers have to experiment in order to create unique designs, which can stand above the crowd. Each year, we see numerous new designs of business cards. Many of them fade away quickly, while some stay in our minds for a longer period.
In 2018, we have already seen some of the business card designs making firm inroads. If you are a graphic designer, then follow these trends in your own way to create impressive new cards for your clients. As a business owner too, you must be aware of these new developments in creating the designs.

Here Are Top 6 Business Card Trends In 2018

01. Simplicity Of Design

Business cards are primarily meant for informing the recipient about the company’s business and its contact details. Every business card has an email address of the company, its phone number, website address, fax number etc. as contact details. A graphic designer should aim at delivering the details in a simple way.
The recipients should get the contact details at a glance. A simple graphic design means the potential consumers eye can focus on the details immediately without diverting to any other fancy elements. So, the new trend is to avoid fancy designs and keep the card minimalist, without losing its sophistication.
However, simplicity does not mean that the card lacks in style and a decent setting. These two design elements are necessary but they should not overshadow the contact details and company logo design.

02. Put Your Branding Elements

A business card design should have a simple look that can display your contact details quickly for the recipients. But make sure that your potential consumers get your brand message too. Your brand message lies in its color schemes, images, and symbols, if any, that you use in your logos and other marketing material.
So, spread your colors and logo in your business card in a sophisticated way. This trend in 2018 has been a hot favorite of the designers. They are keeping the colors, symbols or images of the companies in the background.
It is usually preferred that the card uses colors taken from your logo and website design. There is also a lot of  white space usage in the background. This way, the contact details are clearly visible when the intention is to use the cards for branding purpose.

03. Big Typeface

Use of bigger typeface that dominates the card space is also a trend in 2018. Big typeface immediately draws the attention of the viewers to the company name and a tagline. Most of the business cards are being created in this way.
The cards have a bold typeface with a single color in the background, giving the design a unique look. But make sure that your business card and other design materials such as brochure have the same elements of colors and typeface.
And that the typeface expresses your brand’s personality. Use the typeface that you have already used in your marketing campaigns.

04. Clever Puns And Symbols

Another business card design trend for this year is including some witty lines in the card. The humour energises the recipient of the card and evokes excitement. Words have their own impact on the thinking process, which means that adding a witty statement about your company will make your business card design more acceptable to the consumers.
Incorporating a symbol further complements the card’s design. Pick the symbols that express your business values and brand message, at its best.

05. Interactive Card Design

Many business card designers are experimenting with the designs to make cards more interactive, meaning that the users have more in the card to explore. Most of the interactive designs have suspended small slots of information. The user can pick a sliding inner piece to drag out rest of the card that has additional information.
The designers are experimenting with many ideas for creating the interactive card designs. Some Graphic designers have created dual or triple layered cards. However, we suggest you not to overdo it, as it ruins the overall presence. Create interactive designs but know that the users will not be spending too much time toying with the card design. So, keep it simple.
However, make sure that the design elements in your interactive card design matches rest of the graphic elements of other marketing materials. For example, a leaflet is often ignored as an insignificant marketing tool. But ideally your leaflet design and business card designs should carry similar elements.

06. Design Gallery

Here are some more examples of business card designs for your inspiration. You should have a closer look at these cards and you will come to know about the new design trends making rounds in 2018. These examples will stimulate your creative brain to come out with some exciting and unique design concepts.
Simplicity of business card designs, big typeface, witty slogans and symbols, and interactive designs are major trends observed in 2018. Which trends do you think are more noticeable? Share your thoughts with us.
So, these are the key trends that graphic designers followed in 2018. As you can notice, simplicity of the design is always a preferred trend for clarity of a brand message. These are inspirational trends also that you should be following strictly to create a simple but unique card design.


Business cards have contact details of your business. But your business card design must be a unique and special design that conveys a positive brand image of your company. It should carry a simple but contemporary design that helps build your brand image as well.
Once you have the perfect business card design - be sure to have them printed by a quality printing company. Asset Print offers a range of printing options and will print your business cards as if it were their own!

Thursday, 22 February 2018

5 Reasons to Use Calendars

Why are Calendars important to you and your business?

Calendars have been used for so long. However, the use of calendars has become slightly less popular since we tend to increasingly rely on modern technology to help us organize our days (calendars on our phones and computers). When it comes to marketing though, it is obvious that printed materials still have a long-lasting impact on brand recognition. Indeed, they help people to recognize a brand even better, which is why so many entrepreneurs still see strong potential in this printed marketing material. Branded calendars, thanks to their usefulness for whoever receives them, tend to have great branding impacts.
Below, we break down the main reasons why calendars are so useful for the average person, and for brands. Believe us, printing calendars is definitely worth it. If you’re already convinced on the business advantages of calendar printing, head down to the bottom of the article to download our free calendar templates for 2018.

2 Main Reasons Why Your Business Needs Calendars:

1. They Help People Remember Your Brand

Many companies use calendars to increase their own customer’s loyalty. Instead of only targeting new customers, why not take some time to take care of your loyal customers with a yearly gift such as a company calendar? No one will ignore a good quality calendar with a creative design: they are useful and look great! The calendar will remind them of your brand for sure. Think about your customers, send the calendars to their families or friends. This is how you will raise your brand awareness. A yearly postcard or greeting card sent to your partners and customers has the same positive effects.

2. They Increase Long-Term Revenue for Your Company

Calendars increase revenue in 2 ways. First, they raise the loyalty of existing customers and make your customers come back. Second, they are also useful in marketing your brand to new customers. Think about it: anyone who is attracted to your calendar that they see on someone else’s table, can be attracted to your brand. If the design and content of your calendar is smartly conceived and links to your brand are obvious, you will for sure acquire new customers and revenue this way. Glazing on the cake is that calendars just sit there the entire year! Basically, as a company it means you get free advertising for an entire year. What’s not to like?

There are 3 Main Reasons Why People Need Calendars:

1. Managing your daily activities

We all have those busy days, so why not have something that can help you manage them right there on your desk? Like a cute calendar for example? To get your head out of your electronics and look through your plans on the calendar will make you feel more motivated and give a break for your eyes to relax.

2. Helping yourself remember special days and important events

Sometimes, we miss out on those special days with families and friends because we only pay attention to work. It never is so good if you miss out from social and focus on only work. Beware of burnouts! Using a calendar as a reminder that sits next to you will help you to more successfully balance work and social life. Circle around those important days to help you organize your days better and obviously have more time to yourself and the ones you’re close to

3. Motivating yourself to do more

Some people create their own calendars with motivational quotes on them, which will help them achieve their goals faster. You could see all the important days and tasks that you have planned to finish on the calendar and you can tell that this would be the best reminder to complete your work, as well as getting motivated every day.

Convinced yet? Get your business calendars printed today!

Asset Print is a reliable, effective and favoured printing company, that can assist you from start to finish with getting your business calendars printed. Marketing through calendar printing, with Asset Print.
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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Do Printed Flyers Still Have a Place in the Digital World?

If you believed that digital marketing has made printed marketing materials obsolete, you might be surprised to know that a 2015 Canadian survey conducted by market researchers BrandSpark International found that 91% of consumers said that they preferred printed flyers.
While this in no way suggests that companies are wasting their marketing budgets on digital campaigns, it might indicate that some marketing managers are overlooking the power of the printed flyer as a means of reaching prospective customers.

Printed flyers should not be seen as an alternative to digital marketing, they should be viewed as an integral part of an overall marketing strategy. A well designed flyer can entice people to visit a company’s website for further information, sign up for an online newsletter, or take advantage of an online special offer, and much, much more. Here are some of the reasons why companies should not abandon the flyer.

The digital world has made flyers cheaper to produce

Rather than make printed flyers obsolete, the digital world has made printed flyers even more cost effective to produce. Once a flyer has been designed, it is now easy to order print runs online for as little as 100 flyers at a time. That has made flyers a more viable option for small business and it also means that larger businesses do not need to keep huge stocks of printed material that could become outdated.

Flyers can be put to many uses

Flyers are the real multi-taskers of marketing collateral. They can be sent out as mailers, included with sales proposals, displayed in stands in a store, handed out at trade shows, and sales representatives can leave them behind with prospects. Remember too that, while giving out sales literature on memory sticks might appear to be a more up to date way of doing things; many organisations don’t allow employees to connect any third party devices to the company network.

Flyers are not so easily dismissed

It’s a fact that many people are becoming ad-blind, or ad-resistant, when they use the internet. Quite simply, there is now so much digital advertising, we are learning to ignore it and zone straight in on the content we are looking for. There is, however, something about hard copy that makes people look at it, even if only briefly, before they discard it. It’s also something that can be popped in a pocket and read through later on, without the need to switch on any devices.

Flyers can convey quality

A well designed flyer printed on high quality paper can say a lot more about the quality of a company and its products. A flyer is a tactile experience for the recipient; a glossy flyer printed on high quality paper can demonstrate a company’s commitment to quality far better than a website or email can. After all, anyone can create a brand online and set up a free email address, and most people are fully aware of that fact.

Flyers are easy to create

Most people have all the tools they need to design a printed flyer already installed on their computers and, with the interchangeable file formats of modern applications, it’s now easy to create a design and send it straight through to printer for printing. The flyer printing companies will also be able to offer design services and some have their own online flyer design tools that you can use.

Flyers can keep the sales cycle flowing

Flyers can be very useful tools for keeping the momentum going in the sales cycle. It is well recognised that sales rarely come from a single contact, a prospect needs multiple “touches” to keep the sales process moving along. A well designed flyer with a compelling message can be a very cost effective way to keep a product or a company firmly in the mind of a prospective customer.

Consumers still want printed sales literature

There is no question that online marketing is very effective, but printed sales literature still has an important role to play in the sales cycle. Research has found that, while consumers may do their initial research online, many are then looking for printed information as the next step in their decision making process. This is especially the case in purchases of high end products where the decision making process might be a long one. A flyer is something that can be put in a drawer and looked at again later.

The role of the flyer may have changed, but it does still have a role

The days of mailing out tens of thousands of printed flyers may well have passed, but there is now an even more important role for printed sales literature.
Used in conjunction with a digital marketing campaign, flyers can be a very cost effective way of reinforcing the sale massage, enticing people to go online and find out more about a product, and they can be a simple and cheap giveaway to keep a product service, or company at the forefront of a prospect’s mind.
Marketing managers also need to be aware that there is a significant proportion of the population who trust high quality printed material more than they do digital advertising. Some people simply prefer to read a hard copy rather than spend hours in front of a screen.
The flyer, then, does still have an important role in modern marketing strategies, and it should not be consigned to a dusty box at the back of a storeroom. It might need to be designed differently to become one of the many interactions that a prospect has with a company, but the humble flyer remains a cheap and adaptable way of promoting a brand and conveying a strong message.
Asset Print has the expertise and passion for flyers you’ll need for a successful flyer marketing campaign. Browse their wide range of printing services and get your business noticed with their printed flyers!

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