Monday, 25 May 2015

Your car is your canvas - Car Tattooing

Tattoos often represent a part of your history or personality when created on your body, and this representation certainly appears to be the main purpose of getting inked, as the lingo goes. However, the human skin is not the only canvas for body art as the body of a car is also being touched by ink, or rather vinyl in the case of car tattoos. From car tattoos being praised in museums to brands gaining exposure, here is all you need to know about the different purposes of using your car as a canvas.

A tattoo with meaning

Unless spontaneous impulses are involved, choosing a tattoo on your body usually involves a great understanding of yourself and your own unique likes and dislikes. Sentimental tattoos are often produced from this selection process. A similar process should be carried out when choosing a tattoo for the car that is in itself is a valuable item.

Express your unique persona with a creative tattoo done by an artistic professional, or keep it a cheeky secret between yourself, your passengers, and your car by locating a tattoo inside of it. Add a quirky design to the inside the car glove box,  on the dashboard and door panels, or even on the back of the rear view mirror. Don't use Google as your only source of inspiration, use your creative juices and find inspiration from your surroundings. Choosing a tattoo for your car should be fun, treat it as a project. “Our in-house designers really enjoy getting involved with the design of a truly unique car tattoo. It is rewarding when a customer’s ideas are translated into a show-stopping design”, says the owner of a company specialising in printing in Cape Town.
For many designers, producing an extraordinary car tattoo is an extremely rewarding project that boosts their credibility. Car tattooing done by a professional creative can lead to artistry that is widely praised. For example, Aleksy Marcinow's car tattooing was exhibited at the 2014 Gumball 3000 Rally. His work was supported by the London Motor Museum; a proud moment for the car tattooing community.  

Branding with Tattooing
Sometimes it’s business that has to be represented rather than yourself. If you're a business owner of anything from a beauty salon to a bakery or even an interior designer, you might want to consider using your car or company vehicles as a means of exposure for your brand.

Vehicle branding and on-the-move advertising is certainly very effective in terms of exposure. Think of it as a mobile canvas that answers all of the what, who, when,where  and why questions of the infamous marketing mix.  Let your creativity flow. The more unique the design on your  car, the more attention it will draw.
Whether your business is a more formal or corporate type business, the branding can still be showcased with flair and creativity. First impressions are everything and a car decorated with inspired designs can leave the onlooker with a perception of an innovative, out-of-the-box thinking business. Similarly to choosing a personal tattoo, car tattooing should push your creative boundaries to create something distinctive to yourself or your business.

As important as the design is, so is choosing  a reliable company with a good track record for vehicle branding and and won’t leave you with an unsightly “splodge” on your car.  

Whether you want to express your individuality or create awareness of your business, look at your car with a creative new perspective!

So, why not?

Image credit: Karl Baron - Flickr under Creative Commons Image credit: Wendy - Flickr under Creative Commons

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