Tuesday, 26 January 2016

5 Extremely Creative Business Card Designs.

When we found this wonderful article full of great business cards we just had to share it with you! We have chosen our five favourite designs. Read on and enjoy!

1. Tearable Divorce Lawyer Business Card


Notice that the card has contact information on both sides.

2. Yoga Mat Business Card

A simple, yet very creative business card for Vancouver yoga center. The card rolls just like a yoga mat.

3. Fitness Trainer’s Tearable Business Card


Zohra Mouhetta helps you strip away your belly! (Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

4. Dentist’s Cavity Business Card

5. Classic Rock Theme Business Card

This groovy hair salon comb plays a classic rock theme when rubbed by fingernail, using the same principle as a musicbox comb. (Advertising Agency: Fabio Milito design, Roma, Italy)

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